I’m Serially Bored of Cereal

Summary: Breakfast gets boring sometimes. There – I said it! I usually have one of three choices – cereal, toast or a breakfast smoothie. I have to say, I usually end up going for cereal just because I enjoy sweet breakfasts over savoury and smoothies usually take up too much time for me.

Every morning feels the same..

I’m serially bored of cereal. I want to try something new! And albeit – healthy. I was kind of shocked at all the hidden sugars that are in the cereal I enjoy, and it’s hard to make the switch to plain cornflakes without feeling super unsatisfied. But recently I’ve heard a lot over Instagram and YouTube about how good superfoods are for you and it got me thinking. Is there an easy way to add these into my breakfast? It kind of makes sense for them to be in a smoothie. But there’s just too much to choose from.. I get overwhelmed.. I don’t even know what’s going to taste good and how much I should be having of each superfood!

So I asked myself – if I’m going to start changing up my breakfast for the better – what’s crucial to me?

  • 1. It has to taste good: I’m not the type that can chug something down and be done with it – I actually want to enjoy the food I consume! Is that so much to ask?
  • 2. Convenience: If I have to spend an extra 15 minutes weighing and preparing everything each day, there’s no point – I know my laziness is just going to come into play and I won’t be able to stick to it realistically.
  • 3. Choice: I get bored easily (if you can’t tell already) – I need variety in my breakfasts.

So I was wondering if there was an easy way to do this. Of course there are a heap of healthy breakfast options out there to be explored, but I haven’t seen too many that include the use of superfoods? It would be great if the option could be filling too as I’d rather eat them than take supplements..

So what options are out there?

I know my local cafe has an array of smoothies - they look amazing and include some pretty cool ingredients like spirulina and maca powder, but they sure do charge a premium. That, plus a lot of places tend to add a lot of sweeteners to make sure the smoothie tastes great.. And although I appreciate the flavour, it kind of defeats the purpose of trying to eat healthy in my case.

I’ve thought about trying out superfood infused teas - there seem to be a huge variety of benefits! But they’re just not filling.. I wanted to find a way where I could get my fill of nutrients and feel full at the same time.

That’s when I found these while scrolling through my Facebook feed: Blendies.

What are Blendies?

Can I say they’re the answer to all my prayers? My friend had mentioned the product before, but I thought nothing of it until I saw it again on Facebook and thought I’d just give it a whirl.

They’re these little superfood balls packed with goodness that you just need to pop into your morning smoothie and you’re good to go. That’s it! There is seriously no hassle and I find it so fun to pick a different ‘functionality’ to start my day. My favourite is the ‘Cleanse’ Blendie because it feels like a great mini-detox.

They’re quick, easy and convenient and I’m so glad I found them. They really make my life easier and help me keep breakfast fun, healthy and delicious!

They are so easy to make! I just pop them in my blender with a banana and some milk and I am good to go.

I don’t like it when brands aren’t transparent with their ingredients. These guys are all natural and actually taste good. They don’t have any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

They come from a small Aussie business in Melbourne! I always feel better buying Aussie brands and supporting small companies.

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