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Packaging & Environment
More sustainable than ever!

We tried to acknowledge all customer feedback that we had received over the previous years. One point that came around time and time again by the majority of our customers and clearly stood out was the wish for less packaging and a more sustainable approach to cater for the risen need to take care of our environment.

So we set ourselves some tough goals to achieve.

We are more sustainable by:
1) Using less packaging and more reusable materials
2) Getting rid of individual plastic sachets to reduce landfill
3) Sourcing more packaging materials locally in Australia instead of having them shipped here from overseas
4) Having a smaller CO2 footprint when sourcing ingredients and during shipping to you due to new packaging
5) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY using biodegradable packaging for our Blendies

All of these points led to the fact that we could no longer use the beautiful yet unsustainable signature Blendies tubes that were made overseas as no Aussie manufacturer could produce them in an affordable manner. With those tubes there was also no way of getting around using individual plastic sachets.

The Blendies are thus now coming in 100% compostable (!!) and resealable pouches. You only need to remove the paper stickers from the pouch and your Blendies packaging is ready for composting, leaving no toxic substances or pollutants in the soil. In fact, the compost produced can be used in the same way as soil or plant fertiliser! Isn’t that amazing? The shipping box can also go into the paper bin once you remove the shipping label and tape. We are currently working hard to also find more sustainable solutions for any packaging tape and bubble wrap that is protecting our beautiful Thermos Glass Flasks to avoid any landfill. Our goal is to also find a solution for this by the next time you order, and we are confident that we will.

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