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Lou is a degree – qualified naturopath with five years experience in clinical practice. Lou’s treatment programs focus on evidence- based herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, food as medicine and transforming your mindset. Lou’s approach involves getting to the root cause of your health conditions, and rather than masking symptoms, her therapeutic prescriptions lead to deep and long term health transformations. Lou has a special interest in women’s health, thyroid conditions, digestive complaints and mental health. Our blog posts are full of healthy and educational advice from @littlealchemy and is realistic, attainable and creates a positive, energised day every day.

Lou’s mission at Little Alchemy is to educate, inspire and assist you in transforming your life into the amazing one that you deserve. Lou has also completed a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Melbourne with a major in Psychology and believes that the mind-body connection cannot be underestimated and plays a key role in every health condition.