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I have always been into health and fitness from a young age, playing almost every sport there was. I travelled the world as a professional tennis player for 6 years. At 22 I overcame cancer and settled back into everyday life with a different job in the family business. My passion for health and fitness never waived and I continued to keep myself fit and exercise.

After years of not seeing much improvement or gratifying results in the gym lifting weights, I quit my membership and moved onto body weight and calisthenics style training. No weights, no real equipment, exercising outside or wherever I wanted and completely freeing up my time from relying on the gym. The results with this style of training where amazing and instant. I then helped my wife lose 25kg within 6 months of having our son and I knew that my calling was to coach and teach people how to do the same. Transform their bodies without needing a gym or fancy equipment. Give them the freedom to do it anywhere they wanted, whether they were frequent travellers or new parents.

I finally took the steps to becoming a personal trainer and pursuing my passions of helping other improve themselves inside and out. In May 2016 I launched Bodyweight Built, an online fitness and health coaching business showing people worldwide how they can completely transform their entire lives through this style of training. Not only does your health and fitness improve out of sight, but your personal life and relationships improve because you gain back your freedom from the gym and the time it takes getting there and back! One of the reasons I love this training is because I do my workouts at home surround by my son and with my wife often joining me.