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Winter is beginning to set in and boy don’t we know it. Staying in bed blurrily searching fb trying to find some hottie to keep us motivated to get bikini body ready is definitely ideal. And if getting up for the gym at 6am on a freezing cold morning is too hard (don’t worry we get it); then much to all of our disgust the healthy food consumption needs to be at an all time high. Sorry guys, no easy way out is there!?


Apart from being the most searched nutrient on the internet, we have nailed the top 5 fruit/veg with the highest Vitamin C levels so that you can at least pretend that you are getting your summer body ready while strengthening you immune system at the same time. And no, oranges ARE NOT on the list. Go figure? All of these bad boys have a higher Vitamin C content than your orange so put them in your morning routine stat!

  • Broccoli

  • Capsicum

  • Brussel Sprouts

  • Kiwi fruit

  • Watermelon

So what’s the deal? Vitamin C is a powerful Antioxidant which essentially means it fights off ‘bad’ molecules in your body which can help reduce your vulnerability to cardiovascular diseases, neutralize preservatives (let’s be realistic, it’s impossible to stay away from hot chips and gravy) and randomly when combined with coffee develops film- now there’s a fun party fact for you.


It also reduces the duration of your cold/flu, thank gosh! It’s only been one day and you’re already sick (pardon the pun) of not being able to go to the gym to become the newest fierce Beyonce, when let’s all be realistic you were never going to do that in the first place. Oh, and those energy levels for yo weekend; right back to where they were! The Vitamin C in these veggies protects and enhances your iron absorption. This. is. very. important (so no more smokey eyes and you haven’t even done your make up yet!)


Now obviously we are well aware that you are looking at that list thinking “really, do I have to?”. And the answer to that is, yes, you do really have to. Especially if you want to be a) healthy and b) have a bikini bod. BUT on the flip side at least you can make it extremely delicious and easy to do. Chuck these bad boys into your morning smoothie and you won’t even notice. Stick with us and we will show you how!


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